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See all our modern and antique clocks below. All clocks have been serviced and come with a one year warranty. 


Please be advised that pricing in the store may be less, but never more, than the website.

Also, not all of our inventory makes the website before sales in the store

All the clocks on this website are warrantied for one full year whether stated or not.

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Waterbury "Vardun" mantel clock

Very similar to the "Voltaire" from Waterbury, this clock features a seated scholar and a very Rococo style case. The original label is still intact at the base, but loosening with age. The case's unrestored finish is good. The enamel dial is excellent and the 8 day time and strike movement is freshly serviced.

Circa 1880 $425.00

WaterburyVardum/DSCN6623.JPG WaterburyVardum/DSCN6622.JPG WaterburyVardum/DSCN6621.JPG WaterburyVardum/DSCN6620.JPG


Plymouth Mohogany Quarter Strike Mantel Clock 
It has a signed 8-day time and strike movement, which chimes on every quarter hour and counts the hours on the hour on two chime rods with a beautiful sound.  The first 15 minutes the clock strikes twice (one on each rod), on the half hour 4 times and the ¾ hour six times and then it strikes the hours on the hour – very unusual!  The movement has been fully serviced by Chris. The case is made of mahogany with a beautiful style with very few minor scratches but with the original finish. In fact the whole clock is all-original from the dial to the feet!  ….and was very well cared for.
Clocks measures 14” side 8 ½” tall and 4” wide 
Circa 1946   Priced at $275.00

PlymouthMantel/DSCN6395.JPG PlymouthMantel/DSCN6394.JPG PlymouthMantel/DSCN6393.JPG PlymouthMantel/DSCN6392.JPG
PlymouthMantel/DSCN6391.JPG PlymouthMantel/DSCN6390.JPG


Pro Clocks "Grasshopper"

More info to follow

20 1/4 tall 14 wide 9 1/2 deep

Priced at   $850.00

ProGrasshopper/DSCN6376.JPG ProGrasshopper/DSCN6375.JPG ProGrasshopper/DSCN6374.JPG ProGrasshopper/DSCN6373.JPG


Pro Clocks Scissors Clocks

More info to follow

25 1/4 tall 14 wide 10 deep

Priced at   $695.00

ProSissors/DSCN6370.JPG ProSissors/DSCN6369.JPG ProSissors/DSCN6368.JPG ProSissors/DSCN6367.JPG


Ansonia “Florentine Plush” velvet mantel clock


Yes, Victorians had flair!  At the height of style, this “Florentine Plush” mantle clock was the envy of the neighborhood.  This velvet-covered, tombstone-shaped mantel clock has its original Ansonia 8-day time and strike on coil gong movement.  The original velvet was completely gone when we purchased it, but all the trimmings are original and have been lacquered to prolong their beauty.  The original dial is made of gutta-percha (an early rubber / plastic developed in the 1800’s hailed for its strength and moldable properties) and still has its original gold lettering and gold hands.  Personally, I’ve never seen this exact model before, but the movement, dial and feet are all Ansonia and I’m confident it’s in a book somewhere out there.

 Circa 1886  $650.00 

AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6359.JPG AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6358.JPG AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6357.JPG AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6356.JPG
AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6355.JPG AnsoniaRoyalPlush/DSCN6354.JPG


Jones Ball & Co. retailer  French black marble clock

 Boston-based silver and fine goods retailers in the 1850’s, Jones & Ball signed their names to this fantastic French black marble mantel clock.  The clock case is elegantly simple with fluting on the sides and around the front panel.  Inside, the French 8 day time and bell strike movement is marked “Vincenti, Medaille D’Argent”, meaning it was made by Vincenti circa 1855.  The strike train is a “count wheel” train versus “rack and snail”. 

Please note:  there is a one-inch crescent-shaped crack on the right side horizontal panel above the base section (it does not detract and can only be seen close up).

 Circa 1855    $525.00 

JonesandBall/DSCN6216.JPG JonesandBall/DSCN6215.JPG JonesandBall/DSCN6214.JPG JonesandBall/DSCN6211.JPG



Reproduction Ansonia "King" parlor clock

Nicely detailed modern reproduction of an antique Ansonia "King" parlor clock.  While the case is in the antique style, the clock itself has been updated with a 31 day time and strike movement.

Circa 1990   $275.00

AnsoniaKingArthur/DSCN6153.JPG AnsoniaKingArthur/DSCN6152.JPG AnsoniaKingArthur/DSCN6151.JPG


Chelsea bronze ships bell mantel clock

Made by the famous Chelsea Clock Co. of Boston, MA, this bronze mantel clock has an 8 day time and ships bell movement. This arch-top clock is all original and either has its original finish or a very old re-lacquer of the bronze case. The silvered dial still has the vestiges of Shreve, Crump & Low of Boston as its original marked on it. The movement serial number of 191750 dates it to between 1925 and 1929.

Circa 1927   Priced at $1,195.00

ChelseaBronzeShips/DSCN6017.JPG ChelseaBronzeShips/DSCN6016.JPG ChelseaBronzeShips/DSCN6015.JPG ChelseaBronzeShips/DSCN6014.JPG


“Societe Nationale d’Horticulture de France” Porcelain clock
 Flawless porcelain clock case decorated with various flowers and berries, highlighted with gold accents and relief scrollwork.Features a Hermle 8 day time and strike movement which strikes the hour and half hour on two brass bells.Nice dial with minor flaw between 9 and 10 which does not detract from its beauty.

Includes its original engraved brass back cover.

 Circa 1982    $275.00

SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5963.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5962.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5961.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5960.JPG
SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5959.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5958.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5957.JPG SocietePorcelainClock/DSCN5956.JPG


Seth Thomas “Chime Clock # 59”
One of the later model Sonora chime clocks, Model 59 uses the 89 series time and strike movement in tandem with the Sonora chime movement on four tuned rods.  The traditional Westminster tune is played at each quarter and once completed at the top of the hour, the hour is also counted out.   The case is a refinished mahogany which looks nice.  The dial, hands, pendulum, and key are all original to the clock.  There is also a silent lever on the back of the case to lift the hammer arms in the event one does not want to hear the chime.
Circa 1922                             $425.00

SethThomasSonora/DSCN5739.JPG SethThomasSonora/DSCN5738.JPG SethThomasSonora/DSCN5734.JPG SethThomasSonora/DSCN5737.JPG
SethThomasSonora/DSCN5736.JPG SethThomasSonora/DSCN5735.JPG


Seth Thomas By Tally Industry's.

In 1968 the general time corporation sold Seth Thomas to Tally Industry's. In 1979 they moved to Norcross Georgia. This clock has its original label on the back showing it was made in Norcross Georgia. So this dates after 1979 and I would say it is from the late 1980's. The oak case is in excellent condition. The top brass rails have some brass tarnish. The dial brass bezel also shows some tarnish. The clock is a seven day time and strike german movement. It strikes on a single chime rod and has a very nice soft sound.

Priced at     $299.00

SethThomasByTally/DSCN5559.JPG SethThomasByTally/DSCN5558.JPG SethThomasByTally/DSCN5557.JPG


Howard Miller “The Sumerset” Tiki Mantel Clock

Sophisticated Mantel clock with its Oriental turnings and campaign chest brass corners. Oak cabinet with rare French Mappa burl veneers. West German 8-day key wind balance wheel movement. Westminster Chime movement chimes every 15 minutes and counts number of hours on the hour. Has a silent option.Retains it original back label with clock instructions and its original sale tag with the clock description. From 1975.Measures 11x13x6 inches      Weights 13lb. 
Priced at                  $325.00

HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5337.JPG HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5336.JPG HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5335.JPG HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5334.JPG
HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5333.JPG HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5332.JPG HowardMillerTikiMantel/DSCN5331.JPG


French Black Marble Mantel Clock 

This French black marble has a Samuel Marti & Co. of France movement.

It is a seven day time and strike with open escapement. The dial is enamel and is in excellent condition. The Belgian black marble case is also in excellent condition. Note; Always carry a marble clock by its base. If you pick it up by the top some of these clocks will separate.



Circa 1890             $550.00 

BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN4788.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3023.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3022.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3021.JPG
BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3020.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3019.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3016.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3015.JPG
BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3014.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3013.JPG BlackMarbleWithBrownInsets/DSCN3011.JPG


Ansonia Royal Bonn "Talent" Mantel Clock.

This Royal Bonn is the "Talent" Model. The Fuchsia or Magenta color is very pretty and a bit unusual. It has nice gold accents on the case and is in excellent condition with no visible cracks or nicks. The enamel dial has a nice brass ring in the center as well as the brass bezel. Both are in excellent condition. We are dating this clock to the late 1800's.

Serviced and come's with a one year warranty.

Priced at     $495.00

AnsoniaRoyalBonnTalent/DSCN5513.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnTalent/DSCN5516.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnTalent/DSCN5515.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnTalent/DSCN5514.JPG


Ansonia Royal Bonn "Wrangler" China Mantel Clock.

This is a Ansonia Royal Bonn Model "wrangler" The lovely green case with floral and gold  accents has a chip on the left bottom of the front of the case. We have colored it in and it  really can not be noticed from the front view. It also has some pitting on the top from the factory firing of the china. The Enamel dial is in perfect condition. Brass bezel is also in very nice condition.  

Considering the clock has been around sense the 1880's i would consider it to be in very very nice condition.

Serviced and comes with a one year Warranty

Priced at             $350.00

AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5510.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5509.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5507.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5508.JPG
AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5506.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5505.JPG AnsoniaRoyalBonnWrangleer/DSCN5504.JPG


French Time Only Alibaster Mantel Clock

This french mantel clock is done in white Alabaster. These are usually very stained as the Alabaster in porous were marble is not. It is also known as onyx-marble. This one shows very little but does have some discoloration. Of-course the clock is from the late 1800's so considering that, it is in really good condition. The face features a ceramic dial and a open face showing the movement as it tick's back and forth. Very unusual.

Fully serviced with a one year warranty.


Priced at  $475.00

WhiteAlabasterTimeOnly/DSCN4685a.JPG WhiteAlabasterTimeOnly/DSCN4684a.JPG WhiteAlabasterTimeOnly/DSCN4683a.JPG WhiteAlabasterTimeOnly/DSCN4682a.JPG


Gilbert “No. 416” China Case 
  • Exceptional, flawless example of the Gilbert China clock linein Flow Blue glaze with gilt accents (notice the “lions”on each lower front corner). 
  • 100% original dial and case with no chips, cracks or damage to the case.
  • Features Gilbert’s seven day time and strike movement
  • Completely serviced and guaranteed for one year from date of purchase on workmanship (excludes abuse and neglect).
   Circa 1900                        $595.00

Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3391.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3390.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3389.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3388.JPG
Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3387.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3386.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3385.JPG Gilbert416ChinaCase/DSCN3384.JPG


Ansonia Black Cast Iron

A black cast iron with brass dial and grey columns with gold inlays. The case has some wear to the paint as seen in the pictures. The front of the clock is in very nice condition.

Fully serviced and comes with a one year warranty

Priced at $325.00

AnsoniaBlackCastIron/DSCN4794.JPG AnsoniaBlackCastIron/DSCN4793.JPG AnsoniaBlackCastIron/DSCN4792.JPG AnsoniaBlackCastIron/DSCN4791.JPG


Seth Thomas Brown Adamantine

This is another fine example of Seth Thomas clock company's adamantine. Its a 7 day time and strike and is in execellent condition. Adamantine is a type of Plastic coating that is virtually indestructible. Clock dated to the early 1900's

Fully serviced with a one year warranty.

Priced at 325.00

SethThomasBrownAdamatine/DSCN4475.JPG SethThomasBrownAdamatine/DSCN4474.JPG SethThomasBrownAdamatine/DSCN4473.JPG SethThomasBrownAdamatine/DSCN4472.JPG


French Time Only China Case

This clock is a very nice example of a french china case. The case has some crazing and there is one chip on the upper left. These do not take away from the beauty of this clock. The dial with its inner gold design is in excellent condition. For those that like the floral china time only clocks this is for you.

Fully serviced and comes with a one year warranty

Priced at $325.00

FrenchTimeOnlyWhiteandGreen/DSCN4740.JPG FrenchTimeOnlyWhiteandGreen/DSCN4739.JPG FrenchTimeOnlyWhiteandGreen/DSCN4738.JPG FrenchTimeOnlyWhiteandGreen/DSCN4737.JPG


Seth Thomas Round Top 7 Day Time and Strike Alarm Clock

This is a Seth Thomas mantel or table clock that has a Alarm. All the Alarm pieces are there. Most times they are missing. It has burled wood treatment. It has some of the finish missing but not to much. Over all the clock is in pretty good condition for not being restored and in its original finish, dial etc. Clock is from the late 1800's

Priced  at  $350.00


SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4938.JPG SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4937.JPG SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4936.JPG SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4935.JPG
SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4934.JPG SethThomasRoundTop/DSCN4933.JPG


Ansonia “Thebes”  

  • Cast iron case with Art Nouveau floral inspiration (note the tulip motif at the base).
  • Excellent enamel dial and bezel.
  • Seven day time and coil-gong strike movement completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled,and tested.
 Circa 1911                                 $495.00  

AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5189.JPG AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5187.JPG AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5186.JPG AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5185.JPG
AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5184.JPG AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5183.JPG AnsoniaThebes/DSCN5182.JPG


       Mickey Mouse Alarm by Bayard 
·        Made for Disney by Bayard of France, this alarmclock is MINT with the exception of no original box. 
·        24 hour time and alarm movement with animatedMickey head (nods forward and back). 
·        No chips, scratches or marks whatsoever to indicateit has ever been opened or used.             
Circa 1977                            $225.00 (NET) 

MickeyMouseClock/DSCN5015.JPG MickeyMouseClock/DSCN5014.JPG MickeyMouseClock/DSCN5013.JPG MickeyMouseClock/DSCN5012.JPG